Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Arizona 5k Schedule - Training Weeks 3 - Race Week


This week puts us at week 3 on the chart below – pulled from a Runner’s World article. Run/walking is fine for your training and your first 5k. Some pretty competitive runners still include short bits of walking as part of their race.

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Week 3 is 8/18/-8/24
Week 4 is 8/25/-8/31
Week 5 is 9/1/-9/7
Race Week is 9/8-9/14

Sign up this week for one of the two races below:
9/13/08, Glendale Life Without Pain 5k Fun Run/Walk
9/14/08, Tempe 4th Anual Remember 911 – 9/14/08

I'll be at the Tempe race.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Arizona Running Schedule - 5k Training Week 2

Hello 5k-sters,

This week put us 8 weeks out from our first 5k. With some help I found a 6-week recommended training schedule I’ll post and release sometime this week. For now it’s still easy-peasy warm-up week two.

For those of you that opted-out of week-1 training, there is still plenty of time to get fit for your first 5k, so you might want to start this week.

For those of you that haven't dropped by before this week, you can view the intro to 5k training and a week 1 5k run/walk training schedule.

Week Two Summary:
Run 1:

1 Mile - roughly 5-8 minutes out and back, depending on how long it takes you to run/walk a mile – walkers probably need to add more time but try to keep it at or under 4 miles per hour which is 15 minute miles or 7.5 minutes out and back.

Run 2:
2 Miles – roughly 10-16 minutes out and back – depends on your 1-mile pace – walkers adjust time to fit in 1 mile before you turn around.

Run 3:
2.5 Miles – roughly 12-18 minutes out and back depending on pace - walkers maybe longer.

Faster/younger/lighter runners might feel comfortable at a faster pace. Go for it, just remember you should be relaxed and your muscles should not be getting tight, Jell-o-y or sore during the run. Muscles should feel worked or tired but not blown or over-cooked. This is warm up and you don’t want to overdo it and mess up your training schedule before the first race.

I'll post the 6-week recommended training schedule soon.

For those of you that find a way to talk yourself out of training, just put your shoes on and walk to the end of the block three times this week. If you can motivate yourself to do that, you’ve done 90% of the work. Just getting out there is the toughest part of the workout for most people.

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Have a Good Week.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Arizona Running Schedule - 5k Training - Week 1

Hello All,

The Arizona running season is here. If you ever thought you would like to run/walk more signing up for timed events it a great way to motivate yourself

August is the best time to start, since early training is usually short/easy training, leading up to longer events as you approach cooler temperatures in Fall and Winter.

It also means that you have plenty of time to train for Valley 10ks, Half-Marathons and even a marathon by January if the training sticks and the urge hits you to keep on running.

I’m forming a casual group at work but anyone reading this or you want to pass it along to is invited to follow my general training and attend the same events I register for. If you would like to be excluded from the email version of this just let me know. Running is not for everyone but I can tell you it was definitely not for me and I never thought I would run more than 3 miles unless a bear was chasing me. But that was before I met my wife, The Endurance Pain-Master from Hell.

Anyway, this article is part of the first mailing and you can unsubscribe anytime, just let me know with a reply.

I began training today with a 1-mile run at 80%. That means I was not shooting for my fastest mile ever, I took it easy but let my heart rate get up there and my breathing get a little rough at times. Basically 80% can be broken down several ways but just take a nice run/walk where you are not out of breath and can hold a conversation without gasping for air and push it from time to time to see what that feels like during your first run. If you don’t have a mile marked (and this is often recommended over setting a distance) run for 5 minutes in one direction, turn around and run for 5 minutes back. That’s a good first day of training.

For those of you that want to hit the fall 5k circuit leading up to longer races in the winter, plan on running three times this week. 1 10-minute run (60-80%), 1 15-minute run (65-70%) and your weekend distance run 8-10 minutes out and back for a 16-20 minute run about at about 60%.

Remember distance running is almost always done at a rate so you can hold a conversation the whole time you are running (unless you’re a pro or very hard-core) so keep your weekend-distance runs (longest runs of the week) to a very relaxed, therapeutic pace. It’s the 3.1 miles you want to work up to, not how fast you can get there… just yet. Who cares how long it takes you, you’re going to complete your first 5k for cryin’ out loud!

You up your distance run every week until you top out at your desired race distance. If you think 3.1 miles (5ks) is your max distance, top out your distance runs at 3.5 to 6 miles or 20-40 minutes out depending at the pace you want to run. 10 to 12 minute miles are very relaxing once you get the hang of them so most of my runs are based loosely on a 10-12 minute mile pace. For me 10 minute miles feel like 80%-90% and 12-minute miles feel like I can carry a conversation the whole time without gasping or the talk taking away from my endurance.

For some 10-12 minute miles are just not in the cards the first few months. Remember it’s not the time, it’s the pace, never kill yourself out there, just figure out what 60%-90% feels like for you and run the suggested time out and back and you’ll be fine. Just think of all those people out there that never set the goal of a 5k. Just setting the goal alone means you’re doing something to improve your health and your life.

We have 2 5ks to choose from for our first race, one on 9/13/08 and one on 9/14/08. If you ever wanted to run/walk a 5k, set your sights now and follow along with these very-loose weekly training updates.

Mark: 5k by 9/13/08 or 9/14/08
Runs This Week: 3
Run 1: 5 minutes out and 5 minutes back at 60%-80%
Run 2: 6.5-8 minutes out and 6.5-8 minutes back (65-70%) Faster than your slowest pace before but not as fast as your max pace before – try a steady run at a slightly elevated pace the whole way
Run 3: 8-10 minutes out and 8-10 minutes back at 60-70% - This is your longest run of the week. Stay relaxed – You shouldn’t be gasping for air at anypoint – keep everything from your toes to your face relaxed with every stride – this includes shoulders and back – if your lower back feels tired or sore – look up, your head is probably looking down or at your feet, putting too much strain on your lower back, focus on the horizon, take in some cool morning air and it will all be over in a few more minutes.

Keep those muscles loose while running/walking – they’ll last a lot longer. If you have any serious pain before a run try to stretch - if the pain worsens into the run, stop, take it easy, talk to me and we’ll see if you should continue training or find you an expert if you really want to overcome the pain and continue.

Stretch mildly before each run (calves, hamstrings, quads and back if you have a crappy back like me) and stretch more during (if needed) and after your run. The best time to stretch is right after your run while the blood is in your muscles and your muscles are warm. Stretch mildly throughout the day for best results and a little less stiffness before your next run.

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All the Best.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Arizona Sate Motto - How 'Bout This Heat

It happens every August, people start talking about the heat making it feel even hotter than it already is. Iwas just outside in 110+ thinking we need to change the State's motto. I don't know what it is but here are some suggestions for a few Official State changes:

State Bird: The Phoenix
State Tree: A Cactus (I think it already is the Saguaro)
State Motto: "How 'bout this heat?"
Maximum Sentence For Mentioning The Heat Outloud: Death by hairdryer!

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Don't you just hate it when you get a song like that stuck in your head?


Friday, April 11, 2008

Mountain Biking - Papago Park Again

It's Papago Park again! After quite some time off due to the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Talia Summer Talbot. The Mrs. and me are off to the single-track looping the Papago public golf course.

Not a bad 20-minute loop. Perfect for families that need to get their ride on but have to switch off trailrunning with the little one while the other rides.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Phoenix Chiropractor - Ahwatukee Life Center

These Phoenix chiropractors really keep me out on the trails. They've two great Doctors in Dr. Smith and Dr. Morley. They have a friendly staff including physical therapy and massage therapy.

After a tumble or two during the week, it’s nice to have some place to go to get my spine back in line. I believe they give a complementary massage with your first consultation.

Conveniently located in central Ahwatukee, Ahwatukee Life Center is a great source if you’re in the area looking for a solid Phoenix Chiropractor.

Tell ‘Em I Sent Ya,


Saturday, June 16, 2007

110 Degree Heat Keeps Me Indoors

With our first baby girl on the way and 110 degree heat outside, It's been a while since I've slithered the ol' gravel paths of any local parks.

But fear not. I'll be hitting the trails again soon and bringing back tales and reviews that are sure to get you thirsty for dirt and craving a good spill.

'Til then, keep the Slayer cranked loud, the Budweiser on ice and I hope to cross you where the winding gets wicked.

Happy Trails,